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Xen is a powerful, efficient and secure open source industry standard for virtualization. Software runs directly on computer hardware to enable multiple guest operating systems to run concurrently and becomes the interface for all hardware requests such as CPU, I/O, and disk for guest operating systems.

CPanel is the industry leader for turning stand-alone servers into fully automated point and click hosting platforms. Optional cPanel/WHM Control Panel programming supports PHP, Perl, Python,Ruby, FFMpeg, MySQL.

Solus Virtual Manager allows you to manage a VPS cluster with security and ease. The powerful GUL based VPS management system operates with full Open VZ, Xen Paravirtualization, and Xen HVM support. Solus VM security uses 7 layers of authentication to talk to each node in its cluster with master control panel protection.

VPSzone utilizes the most powerful hardware nodes and innovative software in order to provide the best Virtual Private Server (VPS) for both Windows and Linux.

With the help and support of our partners, VPSzone is able to deliver the best performance, the best support, and excellent service. We thank our partners for their leading technology to enable us to deliver the best products.